Why Choose Us

History of Superior Care

Since 1969, we have made it a priority to give our patients and their families the best orthodontic experiences possible. Our doctors strongly believe in one-on-one communication and will take the time to sit down and explain the ins and outs of each treatment with you before beginning. As a patient, your needs are number one at our office, and we truly care that they are being met. You will feel listened to as you describe your goals in coming to us, because you are being listened to. It is a joy for us to get to know each patient on a personal level, and we believe that this is necessary to come through on our promise of quality.

Promise of Quality

We want your orthodontic experience to be the best you can find in the area. To do this, we combine our professional experience with personalized service that ensures you receive the best orthodontic care throughout your treatment and leave with the healthiest, most brilliant teeth possible. We strive to be prompt and stay on time throughout each procedure, providing only the utmost respect and consideration to you and your family. We are always at the forefront of all innovative orthodontic technology, and we use our involvement with professional organizations to remain up-to-date. You will always have your choice of the latest and most advanced treatments that live up to our high standards.

Wait in Comfort

We want your total experience with us to be comfortable and smooth, and that begins in the waiting room. We leave you wanting for nothing in our spacious waiting room that is equipped with an excellent game center for patients and their families. Our friendly staff is always available to answer any questions and help you with any changes needed to ease your journey towards a brighter smile with us. You will feel truly cared for and at home in our office.

Community Care

We believe that through community service, we not only better our community but ultimately ourselves. We host our own “Giving Back to the Community” project, supporting a different organization each year. Just some of our recipients include the Ronald McDonald House, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and the Casey Cares Foundation. We have allow patients who lose their retainers to make a charitable donation to the Ronald McDonald House to “pay” for a replacement, have taken part in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk, and have collected supplies for the Baltimore House based on their “Wish List.” Our staff even got together to cook dinner for the families of the Baltimore House.

In Case of Emergency

True orthodontic emergencies are very rare, but because they do happen, we provide around-the-clock emergency care. Whenever you experience severe pain or have a problem with an appliance that you cannot take care of yourself, we are but a phone call away. We will get you into the office right away or help you take care of the issue over the phone when possible. You might be surprised to learn just how easy it is to temporarily solve many problems yourself until we can see you.